Maurice Samra, Licensed Agent

Maurice Samra is a McCormick Ranch realtor licensed in Scottsdale Arizona focusing on business development.

A resident of North Scottsdale since mid-1996, Maurice Samra carries an Arizona real estate agency license.

As an operating partner of VINNOV Technologies, a Scottsdale based marketing and technology firm, Maurice has been focusing on the technology side of marketing and business development for over 20 years; developing technology-based marketing solutions for companies across the Nation.

Maurice’s long time residency in North Scottsdale as well as his strong business background has allowed him to gain an intimate understanding of the Arizona and McCormick Ranch real estate market, and to handle his agency responsibilities to his buyers and sellers in a manner that helps ensure his clients achieve success in their McCormick Ranch real estate investment goals.

As a licensed real estate agent, Maurice negotiates for McCormick Ranch real estate buyers and sellers as he continues to manage our technology development for the execution of our marketing strategies, resulting in increased lead-generation and the selling of our client listings.